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Page visits: 710
Clan ID: 165576
Clan Tag: sKy-e.
Clan Name: sKy.eSports
Location: Europe
Web Site: http://sky-e.de
Total Members: 6
Recruiting Members: Yes
Registered at: Oct 24 2012
Clan-Voice: teamspeak3://
Contact Address: use Forums
Our Servers: - sKy-e.Galactic Warfare
- sKy-e.Promod TDM Public
- sKy-e.CB @sky-e.de
- sKy-e.Promod S&D Pub
- reddit.com/r/CoD4Promod
- TestServer
- sKy-e.OpenWarfare Mixed
We are recruiting Enemy Territory and Call of Duty 4 players.

sKy.eSports was founded by several people from the ex No-Hitbox and -38- clans (they don't exist anymore, however it looks like an old -38- Clan has been revived some time ago). The community started as a Call of Duty 4 clan only, but after some time we found our place in other games like Enemy Territory and League of Legends too. However, we are still looking for more games we can expand in! We have got own CoD4, ET and TS3 servers at the moment but we will not mind to get more in the near future. Our administrators are nice and sympathetic people with a lot of expirience and passion in what they do. We have strong CoD4 war team and we try to conquer the whole eSports scene as much as we can.

What do we expect from you?
  • Being active in our forums and our own gameservers.
  • Being helpful for the community.
  • Being faithful, we don't like clanjumpers/clanhoppers.
  • We don't look at your age, but you must behave like a mature person.
  • Don't be a troll, try to be nice.
  • Don't look for rating everytime, try to play for fun.

What can the clan give you?

  • That's easy, we can give a lot of fun as a community.
  • You'll get active admins, who will be helpful every time you need.
  • Full domain website, with active forums.
  • TeamSpeak 3 server.
  • Own COD4 & ET servers.
  • Friendly ambience.

Our public servers:

Enemy Territory:

sKy-e.Beginners XPSave XPSave

PB OFF || Double Jump OFF || Adrenaline OFF || FF OFF

Call of Duty 4:

sKy-e.Promod S&D Public

PB ON || Search & Destroy || Promod || FF OFF || v1.7

sKy-e.Promod TDM

PB ON || TDM || Promod || FF OFF || Patch 1.7

sKy-e.Sniper ONLY Promod

PB ON || TDM || Promod || FF OFF || Patch 1.7

Team Speak:

sKy-e.Voice Server

IP: || Port: 9987 || Team Speak 3

Rank Player Name Server Name Rating Total Time Proportional Time (in %) Ping Last Seen
sKy-e. Razv(Trial)
- 0.00 14.4 hrs 18.1% 91 ms 2581d
- 0.00 33.3 hrs 41.7% 106 ms 2650d
R -
sKy-e.belst→ Leader
- 0.00 19.7 hrs 24.6% 33 ms 2401d
- 0.00 7.5 hrs 9.4% 30 ms 2198d
- 0.00 3 hrs 3.8% 87 ms 2292d
- 0.00 2 hrs 2.5% 52 ms 2716d
  3.3 days  

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