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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jan 29 2015 at 18:29


is custom skin, model, and sound pack for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.
-It`s a combination of existing models from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, RTCW and TrueCombat:ELITE, with some additional skin and sound modifications
(old skin pack modified in 2007 and 2008) ///////
-If you do not like custom sounds, you can simply remove sound folder from *.pk3 file.
-Using WinRar od 7zip open z_DARK_MULE_v0.2.pk3 file and delete Sound folder from package.
- That will restore sounds to original setup.

Download link (25.7 MB):
DARK_MULE skin pack v0.2 »

The skinpack can be tested on RETROTRICKJUMP#ETPRO
(Note:) make sure to enable download "cl_allowDownload 1"
» read more on Splatterladder-Forum

is supported by

Link us!

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